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Beckerfinn42b/ October 21, 2016/ Letter to the Editor

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Many local residents have shared their support for Jamie in our local newspapers. Please read this great letter from a Roseville resident in this week’s paper.

“Jamie Becker-Finn is a breath of fresh air during this polarizing, mud-slinging and scandal-clad national political climate we are currently experiencing.

I’ve known Jamie for several years. She is an authentic mom and attorney who cares deeply about social justice issues including the environment, ending violence against women, and fighting poverty. She has run an organized and strong campaign with never-ending energy and can speak to the issues before us with knowledge and depth.

Jamie just recently recounted a story to me in which she was door-knocking. The gentleman who answered his door asked her pointedly, “Why are you doing this?” Upon further conversation, it became clear to Becker-Finn that this man was utterly disgusted with the current level of political discourse on our national level. She simply replied, “because I do have hope for a better future. I have two young kids and I do want a better world for them. I can’t just sit down and give up.”

At a time when many of us would prefer to simply bury our heads and shut out all politics, Becker-Finn chooses to enter the race with optimism and dedication. She has a heart for service, and will fight for the rights of the marginalized. She will represent her constituency with dignity and honesty.

We are in good hands if we choose to elect Jamie Becker-Finn for Minnesota House District 42B. I invite you to get to know her and vote for her in the upcoming election.

Rachel Wright


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