I am filled with gratitude to the voters of my district, to my family, to those who have come before me, and to the many volunteers who gave their time, money, and hearts to this campaign.

I know many are deeply disappointed and saddened by other election results. I share those feelings. But even at this dark time for our country, I hold fast to a sliver of hope. I owe it to my kids and everyone’s kids. Choosing hope over fear is just that, a choice. When you are ready, I urge you to push yourself in that direction.

One of the reasons I love working at the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office is that at the end of the day, our goal is not to “win” but to do justice. As I move forward I will strive to always be motivated by the ideals that pushed me to run for office in the first place – to do justice, to strive for peace, to treat others with kindness, and to work towards a future where every person is treated with fairness and dignity.

So I will roll up my sleeves and I will keep my head up like my parents taught me. And I will teach the same to my children. And I hope you will join me.

House District 42B Election Results